About us

Our name

We have been deeply inspired by the Spiral Dynamics theory developed by Don Beck, Chris Cowan based on Clare W. Graves’ theories and by Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organisation. Teal is the highest level of organizational development where everyone can thrive and prosper. We would like to encourage companies to be teal!

Our mission

We help orange organizations to become teal. Teal organizations further improve the positive aspects of orange (less developed) organizations and add some new elements to them. They are like nature: they grow organically and natural hierarchies take the place of power hierarchies. All employees understand and stand behind the purpose of the organization. Organizations operate with small, autonomous, self-organizing teams. The company is thus very responsive, can quickly adapt to market changes and new employee expectations and increase employee productivity. This makes organizations more successful. We believe that in the future, teal organizations and an innovative mindset are what will take companies further and help them stay competitive. We aim to support companies to reach this next level of operation through digital- and organizational transformation.

Being an exclusively female company, we stand for gender equality and sensitivity, and women empowerment through the field of business.

Our story

Some of us have worked in startups, some in big corporations. We have seen unhappy people on both sides. The idea of beteal came from our own desire to work in an environment where we feel good. We imagined a workplace which stimulates us constantly to learn and discover new things. The workplace that gives us freedom to do what we like, without wearing a business mask. Where we can be the same people as we are in our private lives. We needed a purpose for our everyday work, which we identify with and therefore put our hearts and souls into it. When we came across the concept of teal organizations, we decided to set up a similar company for ourselves.

However,  we don't want to keep the knowledge only to ourselves, but we want to share it with you, too. We help you to create a work environment which engages people, brings out the human potential and makes you more successful. Startups and corporates are very different, yet they fall into similar pitfalls when it comes to company culture. Having first-hand experience in both types of companies, we understand that the same problems require a different approach to solve them.

What we offer

We believe that every organization is different, therefore there is no “one size fits all”. Therefore we make sure we understand your challenges and get to the core of your company. We work with you to set up a solution-package, customized to your needs. Read more about our solutions.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, contact us or drop us a line at office@be-teal.com. We are looking forward to have a chat with you.

Enikö Balint

Enikö Bálint, BSc MSc
Managing Director

Nora Sarga, BA MSc
Business Development Manager