In discussions about the future of work, oftentimes only the importance of software is emphasized. However, we believe in a human-faced innovation, in a future where humans and machines are in collaboration with each other, not in competition. Our goal is to prepare people for the changes of the future and to take our fair share in building up a collaborative society. We bring the human aspect both to our company culture and product innovation services.

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  • unbinding
  • Focus: get to know each other and practical information about the program

  • 4 hours expert meeting
  • Analysis , report and presentation of results
  • 980.00 EUR

  • Up to 2 days
  • Intensive consulting
  • Hand on approach
  • Max. 2000.00 EUR


"We heard, experienced and learned a lot about startup methods. With their welcoming spirit and methodological competence, Eni and Nora created a fantastic startup day for us, which we won't forget soon."

Astrid Napetschnig, Human Resource Development and Training, UNIQA Insurance Group AG

"We have a team of 8 people in 7 different countries. beteal joined us for our annual team meet up to help us build rapport and a feeling of belonging thanks to practical exercises and workshops. Their experience and perspective also validated what we do right and what can be improved."

Kim S. Gjerstad, Founder and CEO, MailPoet

"The workshop with beteal was indeed eye-opening for the founders of our portfolio startups, as it made them think about their corporate culture and the way things are done at their companies, in completely new ways. Together with the insights from the introductory keynote, everybody went home with a lot of new ideas to implement in their company."

Philipp Stangl, Managing Director, Pioneers Ventures

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After quitting her corporate job she has founded a creative consulting company - beteal - with universal income and no bosses. As an executive coach and business consultant, she inspires companies to utilize their potential through pioneering organizational structures and leadership principles.



We offer various, interactive workshop formats which help participants to get to the core of topics, weather it be innovation or company culture. Among our methodologies you can find LEGO, Design Thinking, Lean Startup and many more.


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